Automated Income Seminar Wows UK Crowd

Our correspondents in Manchester, UK, report on Dean Holland’s Automated Income Seminar 2014

seminar2 Automated Income Seminar Wows UK CrowdUnfortunately, we couldn’t attend Dean Holland’s 2014 Automated Income Seminar in Manchester UK. So we’re doing the next best thing: Publishing the experiences of online friends and fellow bloggers Averil and Richard Seaton, who were lucky enough to have been there. – Phil

MANCHESTER, UK , July 3 – We just got back from finally meeting Dean Holland in the UK at his Automated Income Seminar in Manchester.  The weekend event featured Dean Holland speaking for 2 days solid about his own online business and internet marketing in general.

It was the most inspiring and informative 2 days I have ever spent doing this stuff. The entire 2 days Dean was giving of himself entirely to his friends, clients, and partners at the Manchester Conference Centre.

Dean utterly focused on the job in hand–talking between and after each session to everyone and anyone who wanted his ear. It was an uplifting and rewarding experience for us and we are still buzzing four days later.

Here’s what IM Reportcard.com (which reviews popular internet marketing-related products, services, biz-opps, and “gurus”) says about him:

Dean Holland has earned the respect of his internet marketing peers, as well as the respect of his customers and coaching students. People report that the information that he provides, even the free information on his blog, is helpful for anyone who wants to practice internet marketing in a smart and effective way.

Averil and I went to the seminar with many ideas and misconceptions about building a business on line, and came away on Monday morning  with a very clear, simple, and straightforward plan of the route to take.  Thank you for giving your ALL, Dean!span1 Automated Income Seminar Wows UK Crowd

The first thing to do is to realize that what you are doing on line is actually a REAL business.  It requires all the dedication and attention you would put in to running a shop or training Spaniels.

Dean made the following points – that you need to…

1.  Get rid of all distractions and focus down on to your business ONLY.

2.  In line with this–unsubscribe from all extraneous email opportunities and other subscriptions.  Every time you click on something else you are diverting your most precious resource which is your energy, time or money. (These are my words here.)

3.  Sit down with a paper and pen or a spreadsheet and list your absolute financial needs and requirements that will cover your home, car, food, and services. It is much less than you think you need to earn. Add a bit for fun too…

4.  Set  a time frame for how long it is going to take you to achieve what you want.

5. Add in to your budget however much you decide to invest in to your business.

6. Remember that this money is business money–not beer money or ‘…must have iPad accessories…’  money.

Reinvest, reinvest, reinvest

RE-INVEST IT ALL!  It is very tempting to see £1250 sitting in your business account doing nothing and think to yourself:”Hmmm! Holiday!”  Instead think “Hmmm! Solo Ads.”

7.  Build relationships on and off line which will benefit your business. Many of the things your business will need are things you don’t necessarily have the skills to achieve. Many other people will have these skills.  Your skills will similarly help other people.

confusion1 Automated Income Seminar Wows UK CrowdThe great thing about top-end knowledge and information like this is that it is actually common sense and you know it already.

Dean Holland’s real expertise is his ability to tease out of you the skills, talents and abilities you already possess, but which you are suppressing in yourself. Good teachers have the ability to simplify unnecessary complexity.

That is just one of the many things Dean Holland is able to do.

Averil and Richard are going to do another post soon about their experiences at this seminar. Be sure to visit them at their blog Fingertip Fortunes to discover what else they learned at the seminar,

How a downsized baby-boomer one step from Social Security finally started making money online after 10 years of trying

My First Online Earnings

grant and friends 300x180 How a downsized baby boomer one step from Social Security finally started making money online after 10 years of tryingToday is a major milestone day in my online adventure.

I woke up today to my first direct online earnings.

It’s just 7 weeks since the first session of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0 (April 8, 2014), and I just made earnings of $127.66 (on May 30, 2014).

It may not sound like much to others, but for me, my first online earnings are a breakthrough of massive proportions. Quite literally, I didn’t believe this was possible for me until I really did it.

And I did it by cutting myself off from all the distractions, shiny objects, “pushbutton” solutions, do-it-for-you software, bunny trails, wandering butterflies, get-rich-quick schemes, lawn elves, swamp gas, nay-sayers, fast-talkers, and the latest-gimmick merry-go-rounds that I’d been drawn to for more than 10 years.

In short, I owe these first earned-on-the-internet dollars to following just one tested system and forsaking all others.

It all boils down to picking one thing and staying stuck to it like road tar on the bumper of a black Buick in the middle of the hottest day in mid-July. And that made all the difference.

My first four sales all came on the same day using the same advertising medium: solo ads. To use solos, as they’re sometimes called, you pay someone with an email list of potential buyers to send information about your product or program to their list.

Now you’ll want to be careful if you start to use solo ads yourself. The industry has a reputation for some pretty unsavory characters. To stay on the safe side, I checked out solo ad vendors on the Warrior Forum; this solo ads testimonial page, Paul DeSousa’s approved solo vendors page; another solo ad testimonial page; a Facebook solo ad market group; this page of vendor ratings by Joshua Zamora; and ‘s solo ads rolodex.

I picked 5 ad vendors and sent them each a small order. Two of them came through with ads and 3 did not even after all that research! A couple of them didn’t even respond to my emails.

All the sales so far are from one of the vendors. I’ve rewarded his performance by placing a larger order regular order with him. The other vendor’s ads generated a lot of responses in the form of people giving their emails to opt in. Part of the system I am using is a continuing series of emails sent to prospects who have opted in. So there’s every reason to remain optimistic that there will be further sales as time goes on.

I’ll certainly be posting updates here as time goes on, so stay in touch.

Now, of course, I plan to raise my sights. Next goal: My first $500 in online earnings!


Facing Fear in Quick Start Challenge Week 3

 Facing Fear in Quick Start Challenge Week 3At the start of the Quick Start Challenge our enthusiastic coach Dean Holland predicted that at each session some people would drop out of the program. Now in week 3, this prediction is gradually coming true.

This is unfortunate. One of the main benefits of a program like the Quick Start Challenge is how it helps get you through the unpleasant feelings and thoughts that come up whenever we want to change our lives. These same feelings and thoughts hover around every personal barrier. Learning not to stop when we have these feelings is what makes progress in life possible.

Success on the internet, as in any business, hinges on breaking through these barriers over and over. The Quick Start Challenge is an opportunity to have enough of the right support to successfully overcome all the challenges that have stood in your way until overcoming them–rather than retreating–becomes the new habit..

I know this is true for me. Even now, several weeks into the challenge, I still wake up some days with a head full of doom and gloom, dreading the need to “write another blog post” or to face the next hurdle. Luckily, in the Quick Start Challenge, I know exactly what each week’s assignment is and how I’ll be using my blog to move another step forward. I also know that I can count on my fellow group members to help me sort things out as needed.

Most of the inner conversations are nothing more than fear running free in my head. When you come right down to it, all I have to do, really, is face the fear and just do it. I don’t mean to discount the fear. But this program is not something to be afraid of.

I just follow the steps as they’re laid out, and when my mind plays tricks on me I now know I can keep going forward.

The third week of the Quick Start Challenge for me is about getting un-stuck. This week’s assignment is a full of technical challenges that will make it possible to build an automated on-demand income.

In week two we set in motion a 90-day plan to keep growing traffic.

Now we’re driving free traffic to our blog, and we need an optin form so that we can start building an email list.

That email list will be the key to success online. Forming real connections with the people on our list is how we get a return on the investment of time (and money) that goes into building the list.

We’ll set up an autoresponder–a way to automatically send email to our list. The optin form–is the way we build our list. We offer something we can give away in exchange for the email addresses.

This is all done in support of the formula we mentioned in an earlier post that makes it possible for us to put targeted offers in front of the people on our list and convert those offers into sales.

So here are our tasks for the week:

  1. Sign up to an autoresponder
  2. Get something of value to give away
  3. Add an optin form to my blog sidebar
  4. (Optional) create a squeeze page

I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.

Find the Free Gift Hidden in This Post

(Those who read through this post will get a special free gift.)

What you see below is my first nervous step into the world of online video.

This “production” was sparked by my participation in the online Quick Start Challenge for 2014. When you watch the video you’ll hear me ask for your input and suggestions about the kinds of information you’d like to see on a blog like this.

Now for those who have gotten this far, I have a special treat: A free online utility you can use to strip out ads, related videos, and other extra stuff you don’t want but that YouTube includes in your uploads.

Just go to my friend Shane Melaugh’s site and use his free online tool “Better Online Embeds by IM Impact.” All you need to do is copy and past your YouTube URL into the utility and preview your improved video.

I’ll be sharing a lot more useful tips and free information in the coming weeks, so bookmark this site and drop by again to see what else I have for you.

I’d like to know how you’re doing online. Please leave a comment and let me know.


Trello: Flexible, Intuitive, Simple Visual Task Management

modern times 2 300x225 Trello: Flexible, Intuitive, Simple Visual Task Management

I have tried and rejected more than half a dozen task managers. I rejected some because they were too expensive. I dropped others because they were way too counter-intuitive. Some seemed extremely powerful, but I was put off by their very steep learning curve. Then, one day, I found Fog Creek Software’s Trello.

To my great and instant relief, this web-based white board is so intuitive that I could do everything I needed with it with hardly a tiny speed bump on the learning curve.

Did I mention that Trello is currently free to use? Yes it is!

Trello not only aids individual productivity, it also serves as an online collaboration tool. It accomplishes this by organizing projects into boards on which you create, copy, or move “cards” for every project or task with the information you need on them.

If you’ve ever seen an organizational diagram, a magnetic sign board, used a desktop publishing application–or a white board–you’ll immediately get the idea behind Trello. In one glance, Trello tells you what tasks you are already working on, what team members are working on, and the state of completion of any part of a process.

Thanks to Trello, effectively wrangling the many details of projects large and small has suddenly become easier. You can make any changes to your boards on a dime, keep participants informed automatically, see bottlenecks and rabbit trails at a glance, and watch your teams’ productivity increase dramatically.

Have I mentioned that having a highly visual task-managing system also eliminates a lot of distraction and helps workers and business owners maintain focus on their priorities?

In Trello, projects are represented by boards, which contain lists (corresponding to task lists). Lists contain cards (corresponding to tasks). Cards accept comments, attachments, votes, and checklists; and they can have due dates. Cards progress from one list to the next via drag-and-drop–mirroring the flow of a process from idea to implementation–but many other concepts can be represented by this flexible system. Multiple users can be assigned to cards to represent work groups. And users and boards can be grouped into organizations.

The DNA behind Trello’s intuitiveness comes from Kanban. This project management model originated at Toyota where it was used for supply-chain management in the 1980s before spreading more widely through industry and commerce.

Trello can also be synced with smartphone apps in real time. Developer Joel Spolsky of Fog Creek Software released Trello at a TechCrunch event in 2011.  A Lifehacker review said Trello “makes project collaboration simple and kind of enjoyable.” By July, 2012, the cloud-based app had more than 500,000 users.

On the down side, Trello has limited support for tags (in the form of 6 renameable colored labels). Trello does not support Gantt charts. Trello does not support custom fields or Google Apps integration yet, but it does have an API. At the moment, Trello supports mobile both Phone and Android, and Trello’s website is accessible in most mobile web browsers.

If you’re stressing about reaching all of your goals, a tool like Trello belongs in your resource kit.

A New Start with The Quick Start Challenge

Responding to a challenge

This is the start of a new journey. Let me quickly describe where I find myself: A couple of years back my dream job ended when the company I was working Logo for the Quick Start Challengefor moved out of the state where I live.

That sudden change in employment–and income–made me finally realize I needed to take charge of the “work” part of my life.

I’ve got a funny feeling this story may apply to you as well.