How To See YOUR Facebook Groups Listed

See All YOUR Facebook Groups Now!

Everybody who’s worked with it for a while knows how challenging it can be to navigate Facebook.

Firstly, because it’s just not that user-friendly and secondly because of how frequently changes are made to it…

Without notice.

How Would You Do This?

For example, how would you go about it if you wanted to find a list of the FB groups to which you belong?

Not too long ago,  you could enter “bookmarks/groups” in the URL of your personal Facebook page and arrive quickly at a page that displayed all your groups.

This made it possible not only to see what groups you already belong to, but also to find others to which you might wish to belong.

Unfortunately, that URL no longer works.

FB changed the web address a while back.

And like most changes, it was done without notice.

Here’s How Finding Facebook Groups Works Now

As of today (March 11, 2017) the URL that serves up the list of FB groups to which YOU belong is now THIS:


Just copy and paste it into your browser’s search bar to be taken to the correct page.

You should see a page that looks similar to the screen-shot that I’ve included with this post.

A nifty added benefit is that this page also serves up helpful suggestions for new groups that you can join.

You’ll also be able to see groups to which other people have added you — with or without your permission.

So now you can leave groups to which you no longer wish to belong, as well as join others that match your current interests.

Hope this information helps YOU.

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