How To Whitelist An Email Address

To make sure that our valuable content, updates, discounts and special offers get into YOUR inbox, here are handy whitelisting instructions for the most commonly used email applications.

Whitelist an address in Gmail

Sign in to your Gmail account and:

Create a filter for the address

Gmail's suggested method of whitelisting email is to create a filter:

  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon and select Settings.
  2. Click Filters and then Add.
  3. Enter a Filter Name.
  4. Either enter the domain of the email you want to whitelist in the Sender field, or. ...
  5. Select Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to.
  6. Click Save and then click Save again.

You can also add an address to your contacts

Add a sender's email address  (eg, to your Gmail Contacts by highlighting the email address and selecting Add To Contacts:

  1. Open the email in your Inbox
  2. Hover over the sender's name
  3. Select Add to Contacts to save the sender's email to your Contacts list

Mark messages as ‘Not spam’

You also can inform Gmail that specific received emails are not spam.

  1. In Gmail, navigate to your Spam folder.
  2. Search for emails containing the domain you wish to whitelist (eg,
  3. Select the emails you want to whitelist.
  4. Click More and then Not spam.
Google typically delivers email from addresses in your Contacts list to your Inbox.

Whitelist an address in Hotmail

In the upper right hand corner of your account, click on the Settings gear icon. From here, click on the Options near the bottom of the drop-down list.

In the Options section that opens, click on the option for Safe and blocked senders.​

In Safe and blocked senders, click on ​Safe senders.

In the form that opens, enter in the sender's email address and click the button to Add to list.​

Whitelist an address in Yahoo!

Log into your Yahoo! account, hover over the Settings gear icon and click Settings.

In the Settings tab, select Filters from the left menu and click the button to Add a filter.​

​Type a name for your filter in the Filter name field. Select Contains in the Sender drop-down menu. Type the sender's email address in the Sender text field to the right. In the Then deliver the email to following folder drop-down menu, select Inbox. Click the Save button in the top bar to save the filter.

Whitelist an address in Outlook

Right-click on the email in your inbox. Select Junk E-mail from the menu.

(Yes, this is counter-intuitive!)

In the fly-out menu, click Add Sender to Safe Senders List.

Pretty easy, actually! ​

Whitelist an address in Thunderbird

  1. If your sender's email is in your Junk folder: Right click on the email and select Mark As Not Junk.
  2. Click the Address Book menu item.
  3. Be sure that the Personal Address Book is highlighted.
  4. Click New Card, (New Contact in some versions) the New Card or New Contact window will display.
  5. Under the Contact tab, copy your sender's From address and paste it into the email dialog box.
  6. Click Ok.

If the email application you use isn't shown here, please do an online search for their details. Thanks.

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