Robert Mastenbroek: How To Create An Ultra High-Ticket Online Business

Coaching Your Way to Wealth from Home with Robert Mastenbroek.

Hello again,

Today I’ve got a special treat for you.

My buddy, Robert Mastenbroek, “The High-Ticket King,” has agreed to do a guest post about creating a work-from-home high-ticket coaching or consulting business.

He’s actually going to give you a full, step-by-step guide on how to do it, as well as a video in which he goes over all the steps in detail.

But first, I have to warn you…

Brace youself

Because what he’s going to tell you will be hard to believe.

It’s not because what he’s saying isn’t true…

It is.

But because, like most of us, if you’re not making as much as Robert is right now, it’s because of your limiting beliefs.

So check your beliefs at the door for the next 22 minutes…

And just listen to what Robert has to say.

Then read the summary of the plan that Robert wrote for you below the video.

And before the sun goes down today…

Take ACTION on what he’s just taught you:

Full Guide: How To Create A High Ticket Coaching or Consulting Business

This is my fail-proof system on how to create a consulting / coaching business from scratch. (Even possible while working from home, as you can see in the video :^)

This is the most INFORMATIVE and PROFITABLE POST you’ll ever read. I’m going to give you the exact steps and blueprint to building an online coaching or consulting business so you can see how you can make 6 figures a month with a business like this.

I’ve gone into full detail on the video, but I’ve taken the time to create a bullet-point list below, so you can copy and save that somewhere, bookmark this page (or just write it down).

The Overview

There are really 5 steps to creating a high ticket coaching or consulting business — with a bonus step to expedite your success:



Start with your highest offer and work your way down, with your lowest offer being a MINIMUM of $2,000. Your highest offer should be the BEST thing you could offer your clients.

Marketing System

1) Webinar (with face)
2) Webinar (video sales letter, just text & voice)
3) Webinar (powerpoint presentation with voice)
4) Sales Letter (written, just text)

The goal of your marketing system is to filter out the people you want to work with, so you don’t have to talk to everyone individually.


You’ll want to position yourself as the authority in order to demand high-ticket prices in your niche or marketplace.

1) Basics – Website, Book, Videos, Blogposts, Social Media Profiles, Training Webinars, Proof of Results

2) Solution to specific problem YOUR clients are facing.

3) Edification & Association

Attraction Marketing

The goal of this, is to get people to Know, Like and Trust you and your services, by giving VALUE up front, for FREE!

1) Give Value / Solve Problems
2) Achieve Mental Change / Breakthroughs
3) Results / Proof / Testimonials

Sales Process

The sales process should be fun and exciting. Even if no transaction follows, you should be giving value.

You’ll want to achieve 3 things for yourself during the sales process:

1) Do you actually LIKE this person, because you’ll have to work with that person for a longer period of time.

2) Can you get this person results?

3) Create a plan TOGETHER and offer to EXECUTE the plan together or FOR THEM. (If you’ve done everything else right, that’s the only “pitch” you’ll have to do.)


Get a mentor to expedite your success. You can model after me or other successful high ticket coaches or consultants, but you can get results SO MUCH FASTER if you decide to get a mentor and follow his or her PROVEN SUCCESS METHODS and get them to teach you how to do it!

Whether you decide to work with a different mentor or with me, doesn’t really matter to me. I wish for you to have success and getting a GOOD mentor will only help you achieve success MUCH FASTER!

Hope you enjoyed this and got some value out of this. Please let me know in the comments what you think…

– Robert

Robert Mastenbroek turned down a multiple-record music industry contract to start an online business and has never looked back. After making a killing in the solo ad market, he went on to earn a reputation as the “High-Ticket King.”
His motto: “I don’t like selling to people. I like helping people.” Connect with Robert at his website: http://robertmastenbroek.com

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