Do A Good Deed For YOURSELF Today…

Good deeds aren’t just for others.

Hello again,

I did my good deed for the day today:

From time to time I’ve noticed cars driving no entry signthe wrong way

through my post office’s parking lot.

I thought to myself, “That’s a real safety hazard,” but

chalked it up to a few loose canons being jerks to

save a few seconds time and a few yards travel.

Then I noticed that it was happening daily with different cars

each time.

I asked myself, “Are these people just jerks,

or can’t they read the ‘No Entry’ sign”?

So on the way out of the lot, I checked the sign for myself.

That’s when I saw that the warning sign was faded to the point of invisibility.

Drivers actually COULDN’T read it.

Fix a wrong, do a right

I went inside to tell the postmaster about it,

and one of the workers piped up that he’d been involved in a fender-bender

just the day before as he was backing up from his spot in the lot.

Well, the combination of me suggesting that if a person gets hit

it’d be even worse than the postal worker’s car getting dinged,

and the fact that they had verified evidence of an accident already happening,

leads me to believe that this situation will get rectified. As in pronto.

One good deed leads to another

I’ll keep you posted.

But it made me think about all the times I’d been tweaked about something

in my life but hadn’t done anything about it.

You know, all those times I was ticked about the way things were going at my job.

All the annoying little crap involved in having and keeping a job.

And I thought, “I sure am glad I checked out that link I saw about a year ago

and took action on what I saw.”

Just below here is a link just like the one I saw.

If you’re ready to actually do something about all the

little stuff in your life that’s currently bothering you…

You know: the money worries, the nagging doubt about your “job security,”

the feeling that life is just passing you by…

And you wanna do something about it…

Click this link!

YourNetSuccess With Phil Berkun