Automated Income Seminar Wows UK Crowd


Our correspondents in Manchester, UK, report on Dean Holland’s Automated Income Seminar 2014

(L to R) Averil Seaton, Dean Holland, Richard SeatonHello there.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend Dean Holland’s 2014 Automated Income Seminar in Manchester UK. So we’re doing the next best thing: Publishing the experiences of online friends and fellow bloggers Averil and Richard Seaton, who were lucky enough to have been there.
 – Phil

MANCHESTER, UK , July 3 – We just got back from finally meeting Dean Holland in the UK at his Automated Income Seminar in Manchester.  The weekend event featured Dean Holland speaking for 2 days solid about his own online business and internet marketing in general.

It was the most inspiring and informative 2 days I have ever spent doing this stuff. The entire 2 days Dean was giving of himself entirely to his friends, clients, and partners at the Manchester Conference Centre.

Dean utterly focused on the job in hand–talking between and after each session to everyone and anyone who wanted his ear. It was an uplifting and rewarding experience for us and we are still buzzing four days later.

Here’s what IM (which reviews popular internet marketing-related products, services, biz-opps, and “gurus”) says about him:

Dean Holland has earned the respect of his internet marketing peers, as well as the respect of his customers and coaching students. People report that the information that he provides, even the free information on his blog, is helpful for anyone who wants to practice internet marketing in a smart and effective way.

Averil and I went to the seminar with many ideas and misconceptions about building a business on line, and came away on Monday morning  with a very clear, simple, and straightforward plan of the route to take.  Thank you for giving your ALL, Dean!A spaniel you can train

The first thing to do is to realize that what you are doing on line is actually a REAL business.  It requires all the dedication and attention you would put in to running a shop or training Spaniels.

Dean made the following points – that you need to…

1.  Get rid of all distractions and focus down on to your business ONLY.

2.  In line with this–unsubscribe from all extraneous email opportunities and other subscriptions.  Every time you click on something else you are diverting your most precious resource which is your energy, time or money. (These are my words here.)

3.  Sit down with a paper and pen or a spreadsheet and list your absolute financial needs and requirements that will cover your home, car, food, and services. It is much less than you think you need to earn. Add a bit for fun too…

4.  Set  a time frame for how long it is going to take you to do what you want.

5. Add in to your budget however much you decide to invest in to your business.

6. Remember that this money is business money–not beer money or ‘…must have iPad accessories…’  money.

Reinvest, reinvest, reinvest

RE-INVEST IT ALL!  It is very tempting to see £1250 sitting in your business account doing nothing and think to yourself:”Hmmm! Holiday!”  Instead think “Hmmm! Solo Ads.”

7.  Build relationships on and off-line which will benefit your business. Many of the things your business will need are things you don’t necessarily have the skills to achieve. Many other people will have these skills.  Your skills will similarly help other people.

ConfusionThe great thing about top-end knowledge and information like this is that it is actually common sense and you know it already.

Dean Holland’s real expertise is his ability to tease out of you the skills, talents and abilities you already have, but which you are suppressing in yourself. Good teachers have the ability to simplify unnecessary complexity.

That is just one of the many things Dean Holland is able to do.

Averil and Richard are going to do another post soon about their experiences at this seminar. Be sure to visit them at their blog Fingertip Fortunes to discover what else they learned at the seminar,

10 thoughts on “Automated Income Seminar Wows UK Crowd”

  1. Thank you for posting our piece detailing first impressions after meeting Dean Holland. It is nice to take the experience ‘across the pond’ to you guys. We had people flying in from Ireland and Sweden to be there for the two days, and the very best part of all for us was to get to meet so many very motivated and inspiring people in one place. We had serious discussions, a couple of beers (!) and some top-rate entertainment from Phil Ainsworth who is a Mo-Mentalist (motivational mentalist) and also an iPro Partner. Hope you are there for the next one Philip

    • Really wish I had been there. But having your report was the next best thing, Richard. I’m declaring my goal of upping my income enough to make it to the next one! I would love to take my lovely wife, Margie to the UK!

      • Hi Phillip. Even though you and Margie are 1000s of miles across the water, I always feel a genuine desire from you to help and motivate. Thank you for taking the time to read my amateurish blog. I was a journalist on a local paper many years ago, and always love writing. Not in your league – but I am also writing a novel at the moment (about 15 chapters in) and if you are interested, I may well ask for your professional expertise (as in $$) to give me an assessment so far – if that is something you would consider doing? Really hope we get to meet soon R

        • Hullo again, Richard,
          I’m glad you’re feeling the warmth from this side of the great water, as the feeling is mutual. As has been said many times, we were all new at something once, and practicing gives us new skills. I’d be happy to have a look at your manuscript.
          And I share your wish for a face-to-face get together.

  2. Hii there Phill,
    I just wanted to thnak you for getting the guys to share their story. I feel like I an a fly on the wall. I also wish I was there and if my sales keep up I will be able to attend the next event.

  3. Hi Phil, Richard and Averil,

    Thanks for sharing this great overview of the weekend. I like how you’ve brought out those seven points – very important points to take on board!

    Upon reflection, I find it kind of interesting how I made use of the weekend. Richard and Averil, you mention that Dean talked “between and after each session to everyone and anyone who wanted his ear”. What I’m finding interesting as I reflect on everything was that I actually did very little of this! After meeting each other at the previous two events I attended Dean and I both said, after each occasion, that we didn’t talk enough and we must sit down and have a good chat next time. It still hasn’t happened! This is largely because I actually spent more time networking and brainstorming with other attendees (including your good selves!). But this is all good as, just as Dean himself mentioned, it’s these relationships that are formed that can go on to be hugely beneficial and profitable further down the line. I’ve certainly found this to be the case, having secured some good contacts and future business partners.

    It’s a shame you couldn’t make it, Phil, but I’m sure you’ll get to one soon enough. A great time was had by all and who knows? Maybe some Internet marketing events in future will be those that are hosted by iPro members…. 😉

    Have a great week, you guys, thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. Hey Phil,
    I couldn’t make it either, but have read several blogs that talk about the event from those who have attended.

    This post is a great idea to expose YOUR readers to an event that you were not able to attend, but that was an amazing one.

    Dean Holland is certainly one of the true blue internet marketers that is worth learning from.


    • Hi Leslie,
      So glad you stopped by.
      Richard Seaton actually had the idea to guest post his experience at the Dean Holland seminar, and I jumped at the opportunity to accept his offer and be able to offer something, since I couldn’t be there.
      You are correct, Leslie, that Dean is in a special category that is so rate in internet marketing: someone who is truly worth learning from.


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