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All my life I’ve enjoyed learning new information and gathering random bits of knowledge.

As a boy, I used to get lost for hours in my grammar school dictionary following word trails from one entry to another.

With the development of the internet and the arrival of WordPress for website creation, you and I, and virtually everyone who wants to, can now publish just about any information we want to the entire world. We live in a golden age of information transmission, a time perhaps even more exciting than the era just after the development of the printing press.

In its first incarnation, was an internet commerce site with links to tools and reference sources that I used myself and thought others would also find useful. A few years after its inception, I got a full-time day job in ecommerce for a major online retailer in an important niche market. That job kept me so busy that I had no time to devote to this site for six years.

As a result, I took down the old site in December of 2011. (If you were a visitor to the previous site back then, this is why it looks so different to you now.)

My plan was to continue adding entries to this site’s blog section as I found articles of interest or trains of thought that intrigued me.

In the meantime, though, my circumstances have changed (as you can read on the About page), and I have decided to make a go of making a living doing ecommerce on my own behalf.

Check out this blog post where I go into greater detail about these changes and how they flow from an online course called the Quick Start Challenge.

I invite you to to enjoy the posts here that interest you and to skip the rest.

And. of course, I’d greatly appreciate any comments you’d care to leave. — Phil

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