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Find the Free Gift Hidden in This Post

Hello there. I want to do something special for you today. (Those who read through this post will get a special free gift.) What you see below is my first nervous step into the world of online video. This “production” is a project inspired by my participation in the online Quick Start Challenge for 2014. … Read more

A New Start with The Quick Start Challenge

Logo for the Quick Start Challenge

Responding to a challenge

This is the start of a new journey. Let me quickly describe where I find myself: A couple of years back my dream job ended when the company I was working Logo for the Quick Start Challengefor moved out of the state where I live.

That sudden change in employment–and income–made me finally realize I needed to take charge of the “work” part of my life.

I’ve got a funny feeling this story may apply to you as well.

Google’s “Zeitgeist” Year in Search 2013

Hello to you! It’s that time of year again… The official Google blog site has uploaded their brilliantly visual review of the year’s important events, fads, and cultural trends that they call the Zeitgeist. Do you see all the events you think should be in this video for 2013? What would you have added? Please … Read more