Facing Fear in Quick Start Challenge Week 3


To-Do ListHey, I’m glad you’re here.

At the start of the Quick Start Challenge our enthusiastic coach Dean Holland predicted that at each session some people would drop out of the program.

Now in week 3, this prediction is starting to coming true.

This is really too bad.

One of the main benefits of a program like the Quick Start Challenge is that it helps get you through the unpleasant feelings and thoughts that come up at the prospect of change.

These same feelings and thoughts hover around every personal barrier.

Learning not to stop when we have these feelings is what makes progress possible in life.

Success on the internet, as in any business, hinges on breaking through these barriers over and over.

The Quick Start Challenge is an opportunity to have enough of the right support to successfully overcome all the challenges that have stood in your way. Soon overcoming them–rather than retreating–becomes the new habit..

I know this is true for me. Is it the same way for you?

Even now, several weeks into the challenge, I still wake up some days with a head full of doom and gloom, dreading the need to “write another blog post” or to face the next hurdle.

Luckily, in the Quick Start Challenge, I know exactly what each week’s assignment is and how I’ll be using my blog to move another step forward.

I also know that I can count on my fellow group members to help me sort things out when I hit a snag.

Most of my inner conversations are just fear running free in my head

When you come right down to it, all I have to do, really, is face the fear and just do it. I don’t mean to discount fear. But this program is not something to be afraid of.

I just follow the steps as they’re laid out, and when my mind plays tricks on me, I now know I can keep going forward.

The third week of the Quick Start Challenge for me is about getting un-stuck.

This week’s assignment is full of technical challenges that will make it possible to build an automated on-demand income.

In week two we set in motion a 90-day plan to keep growing traffic.

Now we’re driving free traffic to our blog, and we need an optin form so that we can start building an email list.

An email list is the key to your success online.

Forming real connections with the people on our list is how we get a return on the investment of time (and money) that goes into building the list.

We’ll set up an autoresponder–a way to automatically send email to our list.

The optin form–is the way we build our list. With the form, we offer something we can give away in exchange for the prospect’s email address.

This is all done in support of the formula we mentioned in an earlier post that makes it possible for us to put targeted offers in front of the people on our list and convert those offers into sales.

So here are our tasks for the week:

  1. Sign up to an autoresponder
  2. Get something of value to give away
  3. Add an optin form to my blog sidebar
  4. (Optional) create a squeeze page

I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.

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