Automated Income Seminar Wows UK Crowd

From left Averil Seaton, Dean Holland, Richard Seaton

Our correspondents in Manchester, UK, report on Dean Holland’s Automated Income Seminar 2014 Hello there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend Dean Holland’s 2014 Automated Income Seminar in Manchester UK. So we’re doing the next best thing: Publishing the experiences of online friends and fellow bloggers Averil and Richard Seaton, who were lucky enough to have been … Read more

How a downsized baby-boomer one step from Social Security finally started making money online after 10 years of trying

My First Online Earnings Well, hello there! Today is a major milestone day in my online adventure. I woke up today to my first direct online earnings. It’s just 7 weeks since the first session of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0 (April 8, 2014), and I just made earnings of $127.66 (on May … Read more

Struggling with WordPress

Human hand and modern technology

A lightbulb went on for me yesterday about how I sometimes struggle to get WordPress to do something I want. Even though I may struggle at first, 9 times out of 10 any task I want to accomplish is going to end up being easier to do than I had originally thought.

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