How To Display A List Of All Your Facebook Groups

See All The Facebook Groups You Belong To Listed In One Place!

Is it just me, or does everybody who uses Facebook find it a challenge to find specific things that we’re looking for?

For example, what if you wanted to quickly see all the Facebook groups that you’re a member of or wish to subscribe to?

If you wanted to do that, you might just find that Facebook is just not that user-friendly and they don’t exactly make it easy for you…

How WOULD You Find Your Facebook Groups?

Right now, for example, do YOU know how to list the Facebook groups to which you belong?

It wasn’t all that long ago that  you could enter “bookmarks/groups” in the URL of your personal Facebook page and quickly arrive at a page that displayed all your groups right there in front of you.

Back then it was not only to easy to see what groups you already belonged to, but also to find other groups that you might want to join.

Unfortunately, that URL no longer works.

Facebook changed the web address system a while back.

And like most Facebook changes, I certainly wasn’t told that it was going to happen…

Were you?

Here’s How Finding Facebook Groups Works Now

As of today (March 11, 2017) the URL that serves up the list of FB groups to which YOU belong is now THIS:


Just copy and paste it into your browser’s search bar to be taken to the correct page.

You should see a page that looks similar to the screen-shot that I’ve included above ^^^.

(You may need to scroll down a bit, as Facebook currently puts groups to which you’ve been invited at the top of the page. If you haven’t been keeping up with your page invitations, there can be quite a few of them — I speak from personal experience.)

A nifty added benefit is that this page also serves up helpful suggestions for new groups that you can join, if you’re interested.

You’ll also be able to see groups to which you’ve been added by other people — with or without your permission.

Armed with this new information, you can now easily leave groups that you don’t want to be a part of any more, as well as join other Facebook groups that do match your current interests.

I do hope that this post helps you in making your way around Facebook just a little bit easier.

Now, may I ask YOU a favor?

If I’ve helped just YOU be a Facebook power user, please share this post with as friend who’ll also benefit from this Facebook tip.


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