How To Display A List Of All Your Facebook Groups

See All The Facebook Groups You Belong To Listed In One Place! Is it just me, or does everybody who uses Facebook find it a challenge to find specific things that we’re looking for? For example, what if you wanted to quickly see all the Facebook groups that you’re a member of or wish to … Read more

An End to Facebook Annoyances

facebook logo

Hi fellow Facebook user. Remember when the Facebook timeline was a single column, and photos didn’t appear in a “lightbox”? You probably have your own set of Facebook annoyances. Now you can fix all your Facebook annoyances for free with an app called Social Fixer. [] Lifehacker has an article that goes into detail about … Read more

Facebook Profiles Can Predict Job Performance

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Hello harried job-hunter! Here’s another reason for recruiters to be nosing through your Facebook page: Academic studies from Northern Illinois University, the University of Evansville, and Auburn University suggest that your Facebook profile can predict on-the-job performance. Researchers say they found a strong correlation between job performance and Facebook profiles that had previously been scored for traits … Read more

Facebook Tells You Who’s Into Kinky Workplace Sex

Hello there fellow Facebook user! Preoccupied with thoughts of sex? Use Facebook’s Targeted Ads to Find Out How Many People Are Into Kinky Sex in Any Workplace. It’s come to this. Facebook’s gathering and segmentation of user data allows them to provide information on just about anything you can think of. In this case, they’ll … Read more

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