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Your Own SEO Business: What You Can Expect

Hello fellow budding capitalist! You’ve probably been thinking about starting your own business. Am I right? SEO Book’s PeterD has written a very droll article about starting an SEO business. The opening two paragraphs should give you an idea why I think you’ll enjoy reading the rest: “Some readers might be considering taking that giant … Read more

Lifehacker shares some visual lorem ipsum

Hello fellow designer or web developer! Lifehacker does a better job of explaining how to use this dummy-image producing tool than the original web site where it resides. If you need placeholders for images while you craft your wireframes, Dummy Image Generator is for you.

Filler Text That Ties The Room Together

Hello, scribblers and fans of “The Big Lebowski”! Abide or roll with Lebowski Ipsum, a website that generates lorem ipsum — filler and place-holder text — inflected by The Dude, Danny, and Walter. If that’s not enough, blogger Bob Rudis has gathered 15 sources of unusual lorem ipsum at this web site. Enjoy!

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